NOSSO one of my fav restaurant in Rio

When we where in Rio me and my boyfriend were walking near Ipanema and we found this bar/restaurant NOSSO.
We had no idea about it and one of the staff was at the entrance and told us to come in.
We were really curious about the place. I remember at the first sight it looked super cool! There is an amazing bar in the middle of the restaurant and an open kitchen on the side so you can see the chef cooking your meal :).
On the second floor it’s more chill and comfortable. There are sofas, bench with pillows… I loved the decoration ! Very modern and design.
And then, on the rooftop there is an open air bar !! AMAZING!!
When we got the drink menu everything looked weird for me… But everything was incredibly good! My favorite cocktail was and still is the Don Juan (gin, grapefruit, ginger, basil, sicilian lemon) so good.
And the food also was a great surprise. Very tasty… Our waiter was very nice and helpful.
We loved so much NOSSO that we went there twice in a week! I really recommend you to go you won’t be disappointed.

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Why you shouldn’t hike the Corcovado, Brazil

When I was in Rio me and my boyfriend went hiking the Corcovado from Parque Lage to see the Christ of Redeemer at the top.
Unfortunately, Rio is not safe everywhere and we got mugged about 1km before the end of the hike by a man with a gun and two other with knives.
Long story… there was other people hiking and everyone got robbed.
Then, they didn’t want to let us finish the hike (I guess because there was the police at the top) and told us to go back down.
We went to the police station and they told us that a lot of people get mugged on that hike.
The most important is that they didn’t hurt us but that’s so sad because the hike is amazing…
So, we took Uber (much cheaper than taxi in Rio) to go to the top to see the Christ but you can also take a train.

It might not going to happen to you but don’t take the risk…

DCIM101GOPROG1587867.(Finally there after that misadventure haha)


Hike Dois Irmaos mountain Rio, Brazil


One of my favorite hike so far.
Go to Vidigal with Uber and you will see motos taxi next to the police station.
Take a moto taxi and ask him to drop you at the football field (5 rials). You will find the start of the hike easily just next to the field.
From there you can hike Dois Irmaos mountain…. amazing !


DCIM101GOPROGOPR7820.Monkeys on the hike 🙂