Chicago, USA

I just came back from Chicago and I was surprised! I went out with another french crew. The city is amazing. Between NYC and Singapore.

I absolutely loved the Riverwalk and Millenium Park. There is a nice view of the city from the BP bridge. We went to see the famous bean and there is an open air opera ! The entrance was free. It was so nice we laid down on the grace listening to music.

We went up at the top of Willis tower (Skydeck) and let me give you an advice… go as early as possible. There were so many people waiting to take a picture… We were lucky we found a line with a small queue but otherwise you need to wait at least 30min. It was a little bit scary to look down !!

We had lunch at Jackson Tavern very close from Willis tower. It’s the real american pub/diner with a lot of tv everywhere. It was the perfect place to watch the soccer match between france and belgium. Of course, france won :).

A must to do in Chicago: the Nutella bar ! I had an ice cream because I was already full with my lunch but they have also crepes, waffles… yum :p


The Great Wall of China

For my first time in Beijing I really wanted to go to the Great Wall.
It was amazing ! We took the cable car to go up of the Wall. We walked for hours on the wall. There are a lot of steps and it can be very steep.

The wall is huge… What I liked the most was the view on the mountains. Beautiful.

To go down of the wall we took bobsled! It was so much fun but don’t go to fast because it can be dangerous.


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Mekong Delta, Vietnam

I remember I was on reserve when my company called at 4am in the morning to tell me to get ready to operate the flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I was so tired but so excited at the same time !!

For my first time in Ho Chi Minh I really wanted to go to the Mekong Delta.

It was a really nice day but the Mekong is a very touristic place… very crowded. So I was a bit disappointed. But it’s still a must do when you go to Ho Chi Minh. I think the best is to go early in the morning.

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URI spa Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

After a long flight from Dubai to Ho Chi Minh I had 2 hours massage + hot stones in URI spa and it was amazing… And surprising!!
The place is clean, the staff professional and very cheap.
I recommend you to go there for a massage if you go to Ho Chi Minh. You won’t be disappointed !!

Waterfall Phnom Kulen National Park

Me and my cousin went to Phnom Kulen national Park to see the waterfall featured in Tomb raider, so it’s a touristic place.

It was a little bit far from Siem Reap about 1h30 drive and 20$ per entry. But it was worth it! The waterfall is beautiful in the middle of the jungle. If you want to cool down you can swim but be careful there are a lot of rocks. You can use a changing room or rent a locker box for 1$.

The ride was nice and it allows you to see small villages and how people live.

On the way we stopped by Wat Preah Ang Thom. We climbed the stairs to see the statue of the reclining Buddha and there is also a nice view.

Kesor spa Siem Reap, Cambodia

I went to a lot of spa around the world but this one is one of my favorite !
I remember I was with my cousin walking in Siem Reap and we ended in a small street by coincidence and this place caught our eye.
We went in and the spa is beautiful and perfectly clean. I loved the decoration.
There is a nice pool that you can use also.
While we were choosing our massage they offered us a lemongrass tea, so good.
We had an aromatherapy massage… amazing! It was so cheap also about 20$.
I really recommend you to go there for a massage. They have other treatments also but I only had a massage.

NOSSO one of my fav restaurant in Rio

When we where in Rio me and my boyfriend were walking near Ipanema and we found this bar/restaurant NOSSO.
We had no idea about it and one of the staff was at the entrance and told us to come in.
We were really curious about the place. I remember at the first sight it looked super cool! There is an amazing bar in the middle of the restaurant and an open kitchen on the side so you can see the chef cooking your meal :).
On the second floor it’s more chill and comfortable. There are sofas, bench with pillows… I loved the decoration ! Very modern and design.
And then, on the rooftop there is an open air bar !! AMAZING!!
When we got the drink menu everything looked weird for me… But everything was incredibly good! My favorite cocktail was and still is the Don Juan (gin, grapefruit, ginger, basil, sicilian lemon) so good.
And the food also was a great surprise. Very tasty… Our waiter was very nice and helpful.
We loved so much NOSSO that we went there twice in a week! I really recommend you to go you won’t be disappointed.

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One day in Dhaka, Bangladesh

I had one day layover in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was my first time so I was pretty excited to go out and discover the city.
I was with some colleagues and we took a driver for the day (really cheap). The traffic was crazy… and people drive like crazy !
My first impression was the poverty… Bangladesh is a poor country and you can see it. You really realize how lucky you are.

We went to see Lalbagh Kella Fort and the place is beautiful.

People are very nice and curious, they come to talk to you and they wanted to take pictures with us.

We also visited Dhakeshwari Temple, the University and a mosque.
You can move around by cycle rickshaw there are so many everywhere.

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Watch my video of my day in Dhaka here !

Why you shouldn’t hike the Corcovado, Brazil

When I was in Rio me and my boyfriend went hiking the Corcovado from Parque Lage to see the Christ of Redeemer at the top.
Unfortunately, Rio is not safe everywhere and we got mugged about 1km before the end of the hike by a man with a gun and two other with knives.
Long story… there was other people hiking and everyone got robbed.
Then, they didn’t want to let us finish the hike (I guess because there was the police at the top) and told us to go back down.
We went to the police station and they told us that a lot of people get mugged on that hike.
The most important is that they didn’t hurt us but that’s so sad because the hike is amazing…
So, we took Uber (much cheaper than taxi in Rio) to go to the top to see the Christ but you can also take a train.

It might not going to happen to you but don’t take the risk…

DCIM101GOPROG1587867.(Finally there after that misadventure haha)