Bonjour! I’m Melanie a wanderer from Strasbourg, France. I’m 26 and I work as cabin crew for Emirates airline. I live in Dubai or actually a little bit everywhere in the world as I travel a lot with my job or when I have days off.
It all started with a big dream to travel the world and today I’ve visited over 50 countries!
I’m proud of myself because I dared the unknown, worked hard and made difficult choices to achieve my dream and to be happy.
I created this blog in order to share my travels, lifestyle, experiences and tips with you.
I hope to inspire you to discover the world and realize your dreams.
If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me.


Here is my story:
I studied management in France but didn’t really know what job I wanted to do.
It’s difficult to know what you want to do in the future when you are young and without much experiences.
When I started to work I quickly understood that the routine was not for me.
I’ve always wanted to travel but I was young (21), I didn’t have enough money and I my english was terrible… I needed a solution and I found the best!
I found a job as an au pair to take care of three wonderful kids in Connecticut, USA near NYC.
I packed my suitcase, left my home, family and friends for a year to live one of the most beautiful experience of my life.
I learnt so much about myself and life. I travelled a lot in the US, improved my English, met amazing people and lived memorable moments.
I caught the travelling bug and my biggest dream was to travel around the world.
When I came back to France I oriented myself in hospitality in order to work abroad.
I worked in a hotel in Paris and a resort in Italy. The problem was that I didn’t have a lot of time for me and I was spending all my salary to travel when I had an occasion.
One day, the unexpected happened… I went coincidently to an open day for Emirates airline and I got the job! Today, I’ve been working for almost 3 years as cabin crew.
Every time I have a layover I know that I’m going to live a new adventure, visit a new country and meet new people.
The best part is that you get discounted flights with almost all the airlines and until 90% off the full fare. It’s a very nice job even though it can be really hard also.
I’m so proud and happy to say that I realized my dream to travel the world.